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Maplytics, the preferred 5-star rated app of Microsoft AppSource is an all-inclusive package that harnesses the power of locational intelligence and helps businesses flourish strategically within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The features aid organizations with visualizing client records, finding records within proximity, scheduling appointments in advance, managing sales territories, tracking field reps in real-time, and a lot more. These unique functions of the geo-mapping app can be applied to enhance the functionality of several consultancy firms and other businesses that work toward the betterment of society.


Consultancy Industry

A consulting firm or consultancy industry comprises a professional service firm/s that provides expertise and/or specialized labor for a fee, through the use of consultants or advisory experts. Consulting firms may have one employee or thousands, they may consult in a broad range of domains, for example, management, engineering, medical, production, and so on.

Management consultants, typically work with company executives and provide them with generalists and industry-specific specialists with relevant educational and professional backgrounds. An operational consultant advises on production processes, automation, labor application, etc.

Challenges in Consultancy Industry

Consultancy is a people’s job or client-facing job and requires a lot of travel, meetings, discussions, learning sessions, etc. Thus, visiting places, exploring businesses, and conducting advisory sessions are a major part of the industry.

Visits to Unknown Locations​

Consultants are hired by businesses across industries. They often need to travel and stay in new locations, different cities, and even new countries

Finding residential and food places in the new areas is a major challenge

In case of longer tenures, medical facilities, schools for kids, etc. need to be explored

Detecting means of Transport

Consultancy requires constant travel within or outside assigned territories

Planning travels, bookings, synching transport, etc. becomes an additional headache

Organized and planned schedules

A consultant handles multiple clients at a time, hence, being organized and well-planned is a must

Ad hoc visits or requests also need to be accommodated

Detecting means of Transport

In the case of multiple consultants for multiple operations hired by an organization, communication needs to be carried out with many stakeholders

Often plans need to be chalked out with them and sessions need to be held as a team

Solutions using Maplytics

Investing in good, helpful technology is essential to stay relevant in the changing times. Here are possible answers to the common Consultancy challenges using Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The client records can be visualized on the map

Leads, resource providers, and recruiters can be plotted

Other collaborating consultancies can also be viewed on the map

The facilities for hotels, restaurants, and cafes, during travels, can be searched around the client’s location

Nearest airports, railway stations, and subway stations can be plotted within the vicinity of a client or a meeting place

Office spaces and training centers can be searched within a specific proximity

The consultants in transit can have weekly/ daily schedules pre-planned

Training Sessions can be planned for weeks

Co-hosted sessions with other consultants can also be scheduled in advance

Optimized routes avoiding traffic, tolls, and highways could be plotted for the consultants, other employees, client visits, auditors, etc.

Saved routes help in accommodating global consultants and tracking their whereabouts in real-time

Optimized routes can be reused and shared with new consultants, technicians, or clients

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