Data Sciences International used Maplytics to geographically visualize their CRM data, plan visits and provide mileage to their business activities

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Discovering and implementing Maplytics has helped us to visualize the locations of our clients and travel more efficiently by planning multiple stops in an area with an optimized route without missing anything. The ease of adding multiple client locations and view the drive time aids a lot to the productivity on field.

– Troy Velie

About Data Sciences International:

Data Sciences International (DSI) is a pioneering biomedical research company involved in manufacturing of technologies, products and services for research, discovery, and pre-clinical testing. For the last 110 years, it has been serving the changing needs of life scientists in over 100 countries. DSI serves many industries including Pharmaceuticals, Academia, Contract Research Organizations, Biological and Chemical Defense, the Medical Device Industry, Government, and Biotechnology companies.

Industry: Medical

Specialties: Manufacture and distribution of solutions to advance life science research.

  • Data Sciences International uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage their customers’ database. They wanted to visualize the location of their CRM records of clients on map. In addition, they wanted the flexibility to filter data from CRM based on their specific needs.
  • The Reps of Data Sciences International visit clients for installation of new systems and troubleshooting. For this purpose, they wanted to have optimized routes created for the client visits and visualize the routes on a map.
  • They wanted to know right from the map how much time a Rep will take to visit a client. Using this information, they wanted to effectively plan the daily schedules of the Field Reps.
  • Maplytics is an advanced mapping and data visualization tool that provides seamless map integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Data Sciences International used Maplytics to plot, filter client data from CRM on map, and get a comprehensive view of their data. It provides the privilege to plot multiple entity records with respective categories on the map and thereafter perform actions on the plotted records.
  • Maplytics has aided Data Sciences International in making travel plans for their Reps as it shows the drive time for a record plotted on map. The company used the functionalities of Maplytics to get optimized routes for the reps meeting the clients to provide technical support and service. The routes are optimized based on time or distance considering the location of the multiple clients. In this way, the Reps were able to visit maximum number of clients in a day.
  • The features like adding multiple waypoints to the route, exporting data from the map in an excel sheet, save data, etc., boosted the field productivity of their Reps.

Maplytics provides seamless integration with Dynamics CRM. The platform has remarkably assisted Data Sciences International to derive locational insights from their CRM data. It aided them to plan the daily activities of the Field Reps and visit multiple clients without missing anything.

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