Dental Traumatology Uses Maplytics to plot Large CRM Data on Map and find points of interest

Dental Traumatology Projects Success Stories

“We use Maplytics now over a few years and there was never a problem. It works and works and works.  Also, the support is very good. The people like what they do and they understand how to make Maplytics in a big range very useful.”

“FIVE STARS for your service!”

– Jörg

About Dental Traumatology Projects:

The company Dental Traumatology Projects OÜ is dedicated to the coordination of different projects aimed at the preservation of dental health with a particular focus on dental trauma.

The services provided include the support of currently more than 46,000 institutions in 7 countries, technical and logistical administration as well as the fully centralized project management of our project tooth rescue concept. Within the tooth rescue concept, we cooperate with more than 500 partner organizations from different fields, such as dentist`s associations, public and private health insurance companies, sports organizations, governmental departments, corporate entities, institutions of general and academic education, sports facilities, public health authorities, associations for pediatric dental care, dentist’s offices, and many other fields.

Industry – Dentistry

Specialties – Preservation of dental health with a particular focus on dental trauma

  • “We ask ourselves where and when in a community/town/district a tooth accident might happen. These tooth accident risk points are then visualized on a map. Several tooth accident scenarios are then simulated by time and location on this map. After that, the first aim is to install tooth rescue boxes right at each risk point for tooth accidents or, with certain points, to install them at a small distance so that they can be reached within 5-10 minutes at the most.”
  • For us, it´s very important to understand the structure in a town or region very fast. We have round about 185.000 addresses in our CRM categorized in many views and so we work with the same structure directly in Maplytics.
  • We want to first choose the exact area and then check different institutions like show all schools in a town and how many dentists are around this school to see very easily where after a tooth accident the next dentist is located for quick help.
  • We check every location where a tooth accident can happen and the point distance to the next dentist or dental clinic or hospital.
  • “We use Maplytics to check the situations like how far away is the next public swimming pool from a school since children need to learn how to swim and for this, it’s important, that there is an option to practice and be safe in emergency.”
  • “Similarly, we start so many scenarios and we can do this in one system with the help from Maplytics. We like it very much.”
  • Maplytics enabled Dental Traumatology to map their large volume of CRM data with ease. With Point of Interest and Proximity Search, Dental Traumatology was able to pinpoint areas of interest that could offer great business prospects as well as search within a required radius around these locations of their choice like schools, swimming pools, etc. to understand the distance between two locations.
  • “For us the benefits are to solve our targets easily while for our clients it is very helpful to understand the steps in our project management better.” Maplytics helped Dental Traumatology achieve their targets and propel their business to new heights of efficiency.
  • “We can 100% recommend this software to other people and we think Maplytics can help in many situations. We use this software also in our second business to coach people in CRM and make sales with a clear strategy. If you understand your region and where do you need to do your sales, Maplytics can help over all ranges. If things are well prepared in the CRM, Maplytics will push your business. It works also very good on mobile devices.”

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