"80% of all business data contains a location component; it is critical to understand how location affects business."
Geocoding is a technique to unlock the locational aspect of your Dynamics 365 CRM data by extracting the geo-coordinates from the address information stored in Dynamics CRM records. By geocoding the Dynamics 365 records, an organization can leverage the hidden potential of the locational aspect of their Dynamics CRM data to understand their geographic coverage and make better data-driven decisions.

Locational intelligence tools like Maplytics empowers organizations to geocode millions of Dynamics CRM records using Bing Maps using Batch Processing Tool and help them analyze the KPIs of their data like regional profits or annual revenue. You can geo-code multiple entities using this tool in a single go. Not just this, with the geo-coordinates of CRM records available, the organization can improve their networking, assess their market geographically, find and target audience with personalized content and further strengthen their go to market strategies.


Geocoding Dynamics CRM records also make it possible to perform various location-related operations on Dynamics CRM records like plotting the CRM records on the map, creating optimized routes to reduce travel time and costs, finding nearby records around a particular location for better locational awareness and more. Users can also use their own Bing Maps Key for geocoding their CRM data.

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