NM&C Inc. saved countless number of hours with Mass Email feature of Maplytics

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With Maplytics we have saved countless number of hours which is equivalent to dollars earned in construction industry. We could just choose our vendors on map and mass email them quickly saving time.
In Summary – Loved the mass email feature of Maplytics.

We can go on and on about Maplytics as we are very happy customer. 

– Drew E. Baratz, NM&C Inc.

About NM&C Inc.:

National Maintenance & Construction Inc. (NM&C Inc.) is a Nationwide, Multi Site, Single-Source Facility Maintenance National Facilities Management and General Construction company with combined senior management experience of 50 plus years specializing in repairing, and remodeling of retail, restaurant, commercial and industrial properties. Headquartered in Lake Worth, FL it provides services nationwide with a hybrid approach with both self-performing technicians and a network of key alliances to fulfill any maintenance and or construction need.

Industry: Construction
Specialties: Repairing, Remodeling of Retail, Restaurant, Commercial Industrial Properties

  • They needed an application that would allow for a GUI interface showing the Project Managers where Vendors of certain trades were located in association with our projects.
  • The visual app should allow the Project Managers to quickly and efficiently mass email these vendors inviting them to participate in RFP’s

After looking at multiple mapping apps they settled on Maplytics because:

  • With Maplytics they could map where their vendors were and submit a templated RFP to hundreds if not thousands of vendors. In doing so this saved countless hours on the phone as well as prevented the need to send emails one at a time. They no longer had to count on other platforms to satisfy their RFP needs.
  • Most reviews tell how wonderful a company is and skips all the possible hiccups along the way. In our industry we know companies will always have an issue at some point however we judge a company as to how fast the pick themselves up and fix the issues when and if one happens. We can say that Maplyics did have a simple communication issue at first however they located the issues solved it quickly and other than that our experience has been nothing but 5 stars since their communication is very quick and customer service is fantastic.
  • NM&C Inc. has saved countless hours across the board when running their projects. Saving hours lead to a better ROI on both the platform and their bottom line. Maplytics has allowed for faster and greater response from the vendor base which in the construction industry is almost as important as the dollar figure the vendor provides on their bid.
  • NM&C Inc. strongly recommend Maplytics as they find it a great platform or add-on for Dynamics 365 CRM

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