Performance Brokerage Services overcame their business challenge easily by plotting the dealership

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Maplytics allowed us to target prospective purchasers for our engagements with more accuracy and efficiency. Further, Maplytics has resolved the limitations of the CRM Advanced Find capabilities.

–  Jesse Stopnitzky 


About Performance Brokerage Services:

Headquartered in Irvine, California, and supported by regional offices in Utah, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, and Ontario, Performance Brokerage Services is North America’s highest volume dealership Brokerage Firm advising clients on the purchase and sale of their dealerships. With a highly experienced team of qualified advisors and a reputation of exceptional integrity, they offer unmatched quality of service, ethical conduct, and transparency. The principals at Performance Brokerage Services have been involved in over 700 transactions while providing a 90% closing rate.

Industry: Dealership Brokerage Consultancy

Specialties: Seller Representation, Buyer Representation, Valuations service

Performance Brokerage Services was looking for an easier way to identify and plot the dealerships surrounding their clients’ dealerships.

Besides this, estimating the time and distance of travel to these businesses was also inconvenient

Maplytics is an advanced mapping and data visualization tool that provides seamless integration of maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The foremost thing about Maplytics that is most appreciated by the Performance Brokerage Services is the accuracy and efficiency with which Maplytics allows targeting the prospective purchasers for their engagements.

The Radius Search feature of Maplytics was thoroughly used by Performance Brokerage Services to identify all the businesses surrounding their new dealership for sale. They could plot these over the Map and easily visualize the distance from the businesses to their subject dealership. Maplytics provided ease of understanding with the information on the straight-line distance and the shortest travel distance between the businesses and the dealership. 
Due to these amazing features, they were able to overcome the limitations faced while using the standard CRM Advanced Find and are able to get detailed assistance for prospective targeting.

Maplytics provides seamless integration of geo-analytical data with Dynamics 365 CRM and provides statistical derivations for elevated business goals. The platform has remarkably assisted Performance Brokerage Services in deriving locational insights of prospective businesses near their new dealerships.

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