Maplytics in the World of Retail

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Maplytics is a comprehensive and powerful Geospatial and Analytical Mapping solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users. It is designed to enable Dynamics 365 users to leverage location intelligence to plot, plan, analyze, and take action on their CRM data. It empowers users across industry verticals with Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Appointment Planning, Proximity Search, Heat Maps, Territory Management, etc. to drive better sales, improve business processes and engage customers at the right time.

retail industry

Retail Industry

The retail industry consists of all organizations that sell goods and services to consumers. There are many different retail sales and store types around the world, including grocery, convenience, discounts, independent Family run stores, department stores, DIY, electrical, and specialty. Smart data management plays a key role in retail expansion as well.

Challenges in Retail Industry

The retail industry faces pressure to design and manufacture products as per consumer demands. It also faces challenges similar to the Healthcare industry as the products possess the power to transform health and lifestyle in multiple ways. Retailers need to create an inventory of products that customers demand and offer new ones that could interest them.

Detecting means of Transport

Transport of raw materials, labor, employees, experts, reps, etc. needs to be figured out from place to place

Transport in case of emergencies needs to be pre-planned

Organized and planned schedules to cover the ad-hoc situation

The field reps on the go should have a pre-planned schedule to cover all the B2C or even corporate sales appointments

A planned schedule makes accommodating new requests easy and flexible

Visits to Unknown Client Locations

The field sales, are both B2B and B2C, thus, clients, retailers, and wholesalers, need to be visited regularly

Wholesalers, Factory Outlets need to be figured out as per their location and the quality of products at considerate prices

Many outlets, and wholesalers are required for acquiring free sample products

Volunteers are required to be visited to test out the samples

Competitive Discounting, Marketing activities, Offers need to be in place for survival and growth

Solutions using Maplytics

Maplytics can be applied across industries, let’s check out its applications in the commercial world of Retailing

Plotting of clients, sellers, retailers, and suppliers over the map

Plotting potential sites for new store outlets, storage units, etc.

Plotting specific clients, volunteers, corporate houses, smaller retailers, etc. for testing out samples

Finding places around the target audience to get good footfalls, inquiries, and sales.

Plotting inventory storage units close to the marketplace to reach markets easily and get quick feedback

Finding nearby marketplaces with target audiences and emergency services within proximity

Visits to clients, volunteers, wholesalers, suppliers, etc. can be scheduled and tracked in real-time

Cleanups, repairs, and maintenance work can be pre-planned for outlets, storage units, etc.

Safety audits can be pre-schedules and managed

Sample trials, market reviews, product offers, and discounts can be kept on track

Optimized routes avoiding traffic, tolls, and highways could be plotted for the workforce, goods transporters, delivery goods carriers, and field reps

Saved routes can be re-used, emailed, and printed with turn-by-turn navigation directions

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