Strong Spas uses Maplytics to Efficiently Schedule Service Calls with the Customers and Provide High-Quality Service

Strong Spas Success Stories

Maplytics seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helped our team to plan schedules easily to resolve service tickets without delay.

– Jerrika Chorba

About Strong Spas:

Strong Spas is one of the largest manufacturers in the world, and one of the few hot tub manufacturers with plant operations in the USA. Strong Spas are proudly custom-built at Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, sold and shipped throughout North America and Europe. It has been one of the largest Global Leaders in Spa manufacturing since 1994, shipping to over 40 countries.

Industry: Manufacturing

Specialties: Building innovative hot tubs

  • Strong Spas wanted to visualize on map the locations of their dealers, technicians, and customers (raising tickets) distinctly. 
  • They want to create schedule for the technicians to go and resolve the issues of the customer. Further, they wanted to assign the nearest technician whenever they received a request for service call to provide quick and efficient service.
  • The field technicians needed the optimal route to reach the customer’s address, besides they also wanted to save the data plotted on the map for future use.
  • Strong spas uses Maplytics to plot their data categorized based on attributes to view the colored pushpins for different records of the dealers, technicians, and customers and have a clear picture of their locations plotted on the map.
  • They use the feature of Proximity search to view the nearest technicians around the location of a ticket raised. They effectively plan appointments with the records on map and get an optimized route for the tech team to attend service calls.
  • The Maplytics on mobile functionality gives the flexibility to the technicians to follow the planned routes easily by using the turn-by-turn navigation links and reach the location of the customers without any hassle.
  • The technicians can hover or click on the pushpin of a record on map to open its tooltip card and view the details of the ticket and appointment. They also use the options like “Export to Excel” and “Save data” from the Mass actions to save data from the map for future use.

Strong Spas chose Maplytics for their Management and Service coordinators to use because of its unique features and its seamless ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The coordinators of Strong Spa utilize this application for locating spa technicians all over the world to complete work orders for their spas, effectively schedule the service calls of the technicians, and thereby improve their productivity.

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