SVMIC uses Maplytics to find near by customers with the help of Point of Interest Search (POI)

SVMIC Success Stories

The Inogic team was very responsive and easy to work with.

They provided a trial solution and even provided an enhancement to make

it work more efficiently with our large number of contacts.

In summary – Very good tool, customer driven, very responsive to questions and requests. Maplytics met our need for the proximity searches.

– Johnny D. Bolton, Senior Business Analyst, SVMIC

About SVMIC:

SVMIC protects, supports, and advocates for thousands of physicians and other healthcare providers across several states of the United States (US). Founded in 1976, with a vision to be the premier provider of medical professional liability insurance, education, and support. SVMIC has so far connected with more than 40,000 professionals over the 40 years of their existence, with a culture that policyholder’s interest comes first.

Industry: Insurance

Specialties: Risk Management, Insurance, Accounting

  • Risk Education team had a responsibility to educate thousands of healthcare professionals in minimum time possible.
  • SVMIC wanted to target professionals within 50 miles of seminar location either a hotel or a conference center out of multiple available options.
  • It was a tough and time consuming process to manually find and target professional in the vicinity of the seminar location.
  • SVMIC chose Maplytics for its powerful visualization capabilities like plotting all the CRM records and seminar locations simultaneously on a map.
  • The Radius search feature in Maplytics enabled SVMIC to easily plot professionals in the 50 miles of the seminar location on the Map.
  • Maplytics significantly made the process of finding and targeting the right professionals easy and efficient.

SVMIC – The solution is huge timesaver – eliminating several hours spent per month by the seminar coordinator. Maplytics runs natively inside Dynamics CRM, so the entire process is within Dynamics CRM. We are now looking at several other functionalities like route optimizer, ability to overlay existing view, and find nearby point of interest (POI) location for possible sales opportunities.

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