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After about 3 years finally we found the right application for our teamwork. MAPLYTICS – The perfect integration with Microsoft Dataverse tables (thanks to O365) was the killing feature for us because we are always in mobility through the territory, and we dislike a client-server application that requires complex and crazy license features systems.

Maplytics is the definite solution for all companies that are searching for an easy but very powerful application for Geospatial mapping. The great flexibility, a fast setup (run-&-gun), plus super personalization are the best overall, we can’t ask for more. We use Maplytics daily, through phone or tablet, to schedule and coordinate our activity on the territory.

– Matteo Giovannini

About T-GREX:

T-GREX was founded in 2019 by Roberto and Matteo, brothers with thirty years of experience in the precision grinding sector. They represent companies for which technological content is combined with a quality level of excellence combined with a commercial offer unbeatable. They take courses on safety in the use of abrasive wheels, organize theoretical and practical training events at any level, write and translate educational manuals, brochures, leaflets, publications, create CAD designs of grinding systems and cycles, etc.

Industry: Mechanical Sales and Consultation

Specialties: Sales & Training in grinding operations such as Diamond dressing rollers, stationary dressers, electro spindle, grinding wheels, etc.

  • T-Grex reps need to travel throughout the year in all the Italian territories. Thus, complex client-server applications that require tricky license features were a strict no for them.
  • They needed a solution with personalization to view client data over maps and to plot time and distance-saving routes for their travel throughout the country.
  • T-Grex also needed help in searching places such as cafes, gas stations, etc. near their current location during their travel.

Maplytics is an advanced mapping and data visualization tool that provides seamless integration of maps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The foremost thing about Maplytics that was most appreciated by T-Grex was the fast setup process with easy installation and configuration. Moreover, every Maplytics user is able to personalize Maplytics as per their requirements by settings their required defaults.

T-Grex used Maplytics to plot client data from CRM over the map and get a proper visualization of the same, thereby creating multiple personalized map views for convenience. It provided great flexibility to plot multiple entity records with respective categories on the map and thereafter perform actions on the plotted records.

Maplytics aided T-Grex in making travel plans for their Reps as it provided them with optimized routes with the drive time and distance for the records plotted on the map. The company used the functionalities of Maplytics to get optimized routes for the reps that were meeting the clients. The routes were optimized based on time or distance considering the location of the multiple clients. In this way, the Reps were able to visit the maximum number of clients in a day effortlessly.

Their reps used Maplytics to search for places of convenience such as gas stations, airports, restaurants, ATMs, etc. that were near the location they were present at that moment. This was comforting for the reps that were traveling continuously for work and required urgent assistance.

Maplytics also aided the company reps in seamless and flexible navigation on the field and usage of the features over their mobile phones and tablets. This eased out the on-the-go optimized scheduling and updating the same as per the ad hoc situations the reps face while carrying out their daily activities in their respective territories.

T-Grex found the FAQs really helpful and were very satisfied with the revert time of the Maplytics service support being less than a day.

Maplytics provides seamless integration with Dynamics 365 CRM and provides geo-analytical derivations. The platform has remarkably assisted T-Grex to derive locational insights from their CRM data. It aided them to plan the daily activities of the Field Reps and visit multiple clients without missing anything in easy-to-use, flexible, and personalized interfaces.

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