Vert Bleu uses Maplytics to optimize number of visits by their salesman and improve field productivity

Vert Bleu Success Stories

“With optimized visits from my salesmen, they were able to see the clients more often. We used way points to cover all required points of sales and have an ideal route plotted.”

-Herve Guerard

About Vert Bleu:

With 15 years of experience, the Vert Bleu group markets a complete range of ductile iron fittings. The cast iron fittings are intended for the construction of drinking water or sanitation network. Vert Bleu is an expert in the safety of hydraulic pipes, hydraulic regulation, manufacture, control, and the delivery of equipment on-site, analysis of the overall operation of the pumping station up to the supply of the reservoir, control and the delivery of equipment on-site throughout the world.

Industry: Manufacturing

Specialties: Manufacture and delivery of hydraulic fitting material for Capture, Storage, and Distribution of water.

  • Vert Bleu needed to optimize visits of their salesmen.
  • Since they had multiple sales reps, they wanted to save time by optimizing the number of visits made by their salesmen easily.
  • The solution was needed to improve their overall productivity.
  • Maplytics delivered the optimal solution for Vert Bleu by using route-optimization to quickly create smart routes that used the most efficient path between each location.
  • With Route Optimization, Vert Bleu optimized their visits by their salesmen and they were able to see their clients more often.
  • By covering all the way points for their routes for sales they were able to have an ideal route plotted that increased their overall productivity.
  • The efficiency provided by route optimization helped Vert Bleu to unlock optimizations for their field sales reps and saved them important business hours.
  • Optimized routes allowed more visits by each field rep during on-field hours.
  • Vert Bleu, therefore, saved their time and increased their overall on-field productivity.

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