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Maplytics, the preferred 5-star rated app of AppSource is an interactive package that unleashes locational intelligence to ease and better the day-to-day operations of businesses within Dynamics 365 CRM. Being an all-inclusive app finely working with Dynamics 365 CRM, it is very popular for its unique functions such as automatically scheduling appointments, plotting optimized travel routes for the field reps, tracking their location in real-time, and much more.
The unique functions of Maplytics find their application across industries and the application in the field of finances is unique. Let us have a look at some of the Financial applications of Maplytics.


Finance Industry

The financial sector is a section of the economy made up of firms and institutions that provide financial services and consultancy to commercial and retail customers. This sector comprises a broad range of industries including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms.

Challenges in Finance Industry

The challenges faced by the Finance Industry are of different kinds however the common ones, like any other industry, revolve around finding clients, retaining them, and cutting on overheads while offering excellent services in the VUCA world

Visits to Unknown Client Locations​

Finding new clients, dealerships, investors, interested organizations, etc. is a part of daily operations

Finding new office spaces, spaces for workshops, appointments, etc. is a job requirement

Being aware of places helpful in case of health hazards, security intrusions, natural disasters, etc. is an added plus

Finding help in preferred regions

Finding banks, brokerage units, security services, police stations, hospitals, and Healthcare centers around an area of field operations

Detecting means of Transport

Finding a safe road for travel with huge funds, or other financial deposits

Knowing the shortest roads for daily commutes for recovery, consultancy sessions, etc.

Organized and planned schedules for work-life balance

Daily planners for visits to dealerships, visits to new client locations, and financial institutions help keep the overall business in check

Being alert in high-risk areas

Knowledge about shady regions, areas with security lapses, etc.

Solutions using Maplytics

Technology is one of the answers to being ready for any adverse situation in any industry. Healthcare Field finds this application true to some extent. Here are possible answers to the common challenges faced using Maplytics

A brokerage organization could visualize its dealers on the map. They could view new clients in specific regions. These clients could be divided into multiple territories for smooth operations

Organizations dealing with insurance could plot leads on the map and assign them to the field reps.

Banks could plot potential offices for lease for daily operations. The land areas could be mapped to select regions with good business potential

Areas of operations could also be selected after viewing the business growth in the area

Before the selection of working office space, the banks around, insurance units within the proximity, security agencies around, and facilities to entertain clients can all be searched, plotted, and viewed

Field reps dealing with clients, consultants visiting for financial advice, security personnel for checks, office reps, and financial tutors visiting clients can all have weekly schedules planned

Their schedules could be altered in case of an urgent requirement from a certain ad hoc client/ situation

The reps could be traced continuously while on the go and red-directed to different clients in case of emergencies and availability

Daily commute is essential to maintain good business communication. Thus, optimized paths for the daily travel of field reps, recovery agents, financial tutors, and consultants can be plotted with turn-by-turn navigation directions

Emergency travel directions in case of robbery, security breach, natural calamity, etc. can also be in place

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