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Maplytics, the preferred 5-star rated app of AppSource is an interactive package that unleashes locational intelligence to ease and better the day-to-day operations of businesses within Dynamics 365 CRM. Being an all-inclusive app finely working with Dynamics 365 CRM, it is very popular for its unique functions such as automatically scheduling appointments, plotting optimized travel routes for the field reps, tracking their location in real-time, and much more.
The unique functions of Maplytics find their application across industries and the application in the utility supply services is admirable. Let us have a look at some of the Construction based applications of Maplytics.

Utility Supply

Utility Supply Industry

The utility sector includes companies such as electricity, gas, or water utilities, or those that operate as producers or distributors of power. To summarize, the essentials of the daily lives of humans.

Challenges in Utility Supply Industry

The popular challenge faced by the Utility Supply Industry revolves around the fact that the turnaround time for any service disruption or failure should be absolutely immediate.

Visits to Unknown Client Locations​

To set up a supply network, unknown regions, and areas need to be traversed

At times during emergencies or failures, it is often required to gauge an entire region that could have been possibly affected by the failure

Categorizing a new client into the nearest possible supply station is important

Finding associates in preferred regions

Locating raw material suppliers near the new client location with the best rates

Searching markets nearby for purchasing required materials

Being in close proximity to equipment manufacturers, sellers, and repairers

Detecting means of Transport

Heavy construction assets require transport and excellent road facilities

Quick transport is needed in the case of onsite accidents and other emergencies

Daily commute to the supply units, as well as the client sites on the requirement, must be easy and quick

Organized and planned schedules for being ready

The schedule boards for the utility service reps need to be well-planned for weeks. This assures regular and timely supervision, checks, and maintenance services

Spare resources should be at hand for ad-hoc repairs, absentees, emergencies, time crunch

Deadlines are stringent and need well-planned addressing, with an ad hoc team always on the ready for action

Being emergency ready

A failure of supply, an unwarranted worker strike, or unavailability of raw material for construction pipelines can happen without notice

Physical injuries, construction mishaps, and unwarranted explosions too can happen unplanned

Solutions using Maplytics

Being technology-forward is one of the answers to being ready for any adverse situation in any industry. The Utility Supply facilities find this application true to some extent. Here are possible answers to the common challenges faced using Maplytics

Visualizing supply centers in an area, the network around those centers, and the clients consuming the facilities on a map, when often in a new region becomes useful

The surrounding regions, their population density, competing suppliers, if any, other intrusive networks in the region, etc. could be gauged for the amount of disturbance and convenience of operation or safety precautions to be intensified

A survey of the region is necessary for completing legal formalities as well

Nearest supply centers could also be viewed in case of failures or extra supply.

The possible raw material suppliers around the sites can be viewed in case of new network setup or maintenance, added to the contact, and kept ready for services

The manufacturers of bulky network equipment can be visualized and spoken to for deals

Places required in case of emergencies and places providing food, water, and other basic necessities can also be plotted and finalized for daily use.

The new supply utility projects often run on tight schedules with heavy requirements and dependency, so, holding a pre-approved schedule of resources is extremely essential

Replacement resources should be always scheduled at hand in case of facility downtime at odd hours, an unexpected breakout, etc.

The leased/ rented network setup equipment needs to be used optimally and within time, thus, a schedule makes life easy

Frequent supervision, maintenance, and monitoring must be scheduled to nip any possibilities of a hazard

Optimized, shortest, routes should be in place for daily commutes to the sites, along the network, and supply centers

Routes should be plotted and saved for medical emergencies

Pre-plotted routes provide ease of transportation for raw materials, heavy machinery, additional resources, etc.

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